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Deep RiverRock Queen’s 5K - Map and Information

Race Course and Information

In a move away from the normal race format we will be hosting three races this year. The Championship 5k, Standard 5k and the 3k race.


Race Times

3K - Wednesday 13th March 2024 at 6:50pm

*5K ‘Championship Race’ - Wednesday 13th March 2023 at 7:15pm

*Entry into this race is for those who have achieved 20 minutes or less at a sanctioned/ competitive 5k race within the last 12 months.

5k ‘Standard race’ - Wednesday 13th March 2023 at 7:35pm

 Enrolment is available through this link

 Entry Costs      

  3K Race 5K Standard 

5K Championship

Students/ U19 £10 £12


ANI registered/ Public £10 £18



Pack Collection

Early race pack collection will take place on Monday 11th March (6pm - 8pm) and Tuesday 12th March (6pm - 8pm) in the Membership Room of the Queen’s PEC, Botanic Park, Belfast.  Once through the main entrance turn immediately left before reception. 

Race packs can also be collected on the day in the main hall of the PEC from 2pm until 20 minutes before the relevant race.  NO late entries will be accepted on the day.

All entrants receive a free race t-shirt.  We have endeavoured to get everybody their requested size but as the order is placed a few weeks in advance of the race some competitors may have to go up or down a size.

Race Information

All races start on the Annadale Embankment and finish outside the PEC gates on the Stranmillis Embankment.  The course follows a loop along both Embankments between the Ormeau and King’s Bridges.

The 3K starts at 6:50pm sharp and consists of 1⅔ laps of the course.  The 5K Championship starts at 7:15pm sharp and consists of 2¾ laps of the course. The 5k ‘Standard Race’ will start at 7:35pm. 

Places in each race will be limited due to the capacity of the route and the running order of races on the night.  If you enter the ‘Championship Race’ you must complete within the set times, or you will be disqualified.

Only those entered in the ‘Championship’ wave are permitted to participate in that race. Those not entered will be disqualified from the event.

There will be a designated warm up area in the PEC car park with first aid, music and toilets facilities.  Be aware that when moving from the PEC car park/warm up area to the start line that some races will be finishing and you should follow directional signs and the direction of marshals, traffic may be on the surrounding roads until 6:45pm.

Be aware that athletes taking part in the ‘championship 5k race’ will be on the course from 7:15pm – 7:35pm and you should keep to designated areas when moving from the PEC to start line.  Please move to the footpath when they come through as they will be competing for the 5K championship positions.


Please be aware that traffic will still be travelling on the Ormeau and King’s Bridges adjacent to the race.  Follow the instructions of any marshals, police officers or signage at all times on finishing all races you should move swiftly to the designated athlete area in the PEC Car Park.  Watch out for the curbs located all around the circuit and be aware that other races will be taking place when you are warming up.

Headphone Ban

As of 1st January 2018 the wearing of over-the-ear/in-ear headphones during races on single carriageway roads not wholly closed to traffic is not permitted (UK Athletics Rule 240 S5).  This applies to both the Queen’s 5K and 3K.  The penalty for not abiding by this rule is disqualification.

Please let us know if you have medically-prescribed over-the-ear headphones or if you will be using bone conduction headphones.


There will be parking available at the Queen’s PEC however we expect this to fill up quickly.  Once the car park closes at 6:30pm cars will not be permitted in or out until the roads have reopened at approximately 8:30pm.

Additional parking is available at the McClay Library (only after 5:00pm), at the carpark near the entrance to Stranmillis College and near Cutter’s Wharf on Lockview Road.  Further on-street parking can be found in the Stranmillis area.  Please do not use the Dunnes Stores car park off the Annadale Embankment.

Please leave adequate time for parking, pack collection and reaching the start line.  Get in touch with us as soon as possible if you require special access arrangements.

  • The car park will close at 18:30 with no entrance or exit permitted, and it will reopen to all traffic at 20:30.
  • Stranmillis Embankment Road will be closed to all traffic at 18:45 and reopen to all traffic at 20:30.


Toilet, showering and changing facilities are available free of use in the PEC for competitors with additional toilets at the PEC Car Park warm up area.  A limited number of lockers are also available and require a £1 coin to use.

Refreshments & Prize-Giving

All finishers will receive a bottle of Deep RiverRock courtesy of our sponsors.

Please follow the instructions of any marshals if you have finished in the top male or female categories.

The following prizes will be presented at the end of the race in the presentation area of the PEC car park.

Prize Winners

3k Race

3k - 1, 2, 3 Male Medal

3k - 1, 2, 3 Female Medal

5k Championship Race


1st - £220 & Medal

2nd - £120 & Medal

3rd - £80 & Medal


1st - £220 & Medal

2nd - £120 & Medal

3rd - £80 & Medal

5k Standard Race

5k -1, 2, 3 Male Medal

5k - 1, 2, 3 Female Medal

Additional 5K Prize Fund secured for 3K Race, 5K Championship Race and 5K Open Race. Supported by Staff Wellbeing at Queen’s.










We hope you enjoy the race!